James (Bo) Howe
Compositor/Roto/Paint Artist/Editor
1514 Patricia ave.
Simi Valley, Ca 93065
(805) 285-0943

Objective: Obtain compositing, rotoscoping, and paint work for films, TV shows & commercials.



“Blackish” One Episode –  Motion Tracking  –  Supervisor Jeff Varga

“The Lost Tree” –  Film – Motion Tracking, Rotoscoping, Keying, Paint Work – Supervisor Brian Metcalf

“Oceanus” Video  –  Rotoscoping, marker removal, Motion Tracking – Supervisor Ryan Wieber

“Confidential Modern Family Commercial” – Motion Tracking, Rotoscoping
“Confidential Nike Commercial” – Color Correction/Compositing  – Supervisor Matthew Kirschner
“Confidential Music Video”  – Motion Tracking/Keying/Compositing/Color Correction/Time

remapping  – Supervisor Matthew Kirschner


“Dirt Nasty” music video – Roto/Paint/Compositing – Supervisor: Randal Kirk

“Bad Milo” – Movie – Rotoscope Artist. – Supervisor: Roger Nall

“Honey in The Moon” Short – Digital Effects/Compositing. Supervisor: Peter Musooli

“Bad Guys” – Short/Series – Roto/Paint/Compositing – Supervisor: Vincent McLean


Untitled Web Series About a Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time” –

Short/Series – Roto/Paint/Compositing – Supervisor: Travis Richey

“All American Christmas Carol” – Movie –  Supervisor: Ron Carlson 

*Used After Effects CS5.5 for compositing, rotoscoping, paint, and marker removal for various shots.

Dystopia – Short – Josh Man – Director

*Lead Compositor. Used After Effects CS5.5 and CS6 for compositing, motion tracking, roto, paint, and marker removal. Various shots.

“The Vanisher” – Motion Graphics Artist – Supervisor: Paolo Carascon

The Last Cosmonaut – Short – Joe Van Auken – Director

*Screen/monitor replacement, motion graphics, marker removal, rotoscoping, keying, compositing, motion tracking, matte creation. After Effects CS5 and Mocha. Various shots.

“Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan” – Movie – Kinetic Filmworks 

*Motion tracking, rotoscoping, compositing. Various shots. After Effects CS5 and Mocha

Space Guys in Space – Web Series –  Cindi Rice – Supervisor

*Motion tracking, compositing, created various 2D effects, keying. Various shots. After Effects CS5 and Mocha.

Music Video – Dot and Effects – Various shots

* Used Mocha to rotoscope matte shapes, as prep for Nuke compositors

2D Paint/Roto artist – Entity FX – 2011-2012:

“The Vampire Diaries” – Seasons 2 and 3 – Various Episodes

  • Used Mocha to track footage. Used After Effects CS3 to track footage, remove tracking markers from actors’ faces in various shots, rotoscoped various shots to create mattes.

“Smallville” – Season Finale.

  • Used After Effects CS3 to motion track and remove tracking markers from one shot. Rotoscoped elements of shot when necessary

Compositor – 2011

Lifeguards vs. Zombies (short film)

  • Used After Effects CS3 to create various video distortion effects; composited, animated and color corrected blood splatter effects; composited and animated end title card

Editor, Compositor, roto/paint artist – (2009-2010):

“Macabre Parables” – (Independent Feature Length Film)

      • Editing included – Speed/time changes, Color correction, general editing/transitions
      • Visual effects included – Rotoscoping & painting out of logos; various compositing (including fire, smoke, and various other elements); 2D motion tracking & additional color correction; Created Opening/End credits sequences. – Used: After Effects CS3, Edius 5.11

Editor, Compositor, CG artist – (2005-2008):

“Tragic Love in the Blink of an Eye” (Independent Short Film)

      • Editing included – Speed/time changes, general editing/transitions, Opening/end credits sequences.
      • Visual effects included – Modeling/texturing/animating/compositing of 3D bullet; 2D Manual motion tracking of logo onto subject’s T-shirt, Rotoscoping full T-shirt replacement when necessary, 2D tracking & compositing of blood/gun-shot elements onto subject, Creating muzzle flash and smoke elements for gun fire. Creating slow-motion bullet trail, reformatting all shots from 4:3 to 16:9. – Used: After Effects CS3, Edius 5.11, Avid Xpress Pro, 3D Studio Max 9

Editor (2005-2008):

Aircheck NewsTaping

Captured/edited video segments for clients, created CDs/DVDs, FTP files, communicated with clients.

Education: A.A.S in Radio/TV/Film – San Antonio College (With Honors)

References available by request

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